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Deadline Announces Feature Film 1000 Miles

Big Beach, the company that brought us Marielle Heller’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Lulu Wang’s The Farewell, has set an adaptation of the memoir Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom by William and Ellen Craft. The feature will be titled 1000 Miles and Hanelle M. Culpepper is set to direct with Selwyn […]

Deadline Announces Kung Fu Pilot

The New CW pilot Kung Fu  [is] reimagining with a female lead of the 1970s David Carradine-starring TV series. It hails from Christina M. Kim, Martin Gero, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Warner Bros. TV. Additionally Hanelle Culpepper (Star Trek: Picard) has signed on to direct and co-executive produce the pilot.

Tell-Tale TV Picard Pilot Review

On my work to portray the characters in a fresh way: “She magnificently shapes this episode around Picard, as well as each of the new people we are meeting for the first time.”

Whedonopolis interviews me about Star Trek: Picard

On how we approached the inner world of the Romulans for Star Trek: Picard: “The actors and I learned as much as we could about Romulans, which included having Michael Chaban, the showrunner, write bios on the characters. That backstory and history were invaluable for giving them an inner life. We had some rehearsal time […]

TrekNews.net Star Trek: Picard Ep 2 Review

“The mystery that began with last week’s excellent series premiere deepens in “Maps and Legends,” as Jean-Luc Picard begins to take matters into his own hands as he deals with the aftermath of Dahj’s death. Episode two proves to be an equally well-done outing for both Picard‘s production team and cast, further proving that this […]

Den of Geek Star Trek: Picard Ep 2 Review

“If the premiere of Star Trek: Picard was focused on reintroducing us to Jean-Luc Picard, then the second episode is all about expanding that reintroduction to this rich world.”

European Premiere Review of Star Trek: Picard

It was very cool to see what the Star Trek: Picard European audience had to say! “The writing team and creators have flipped the genre for a new generation, with an even more expansive, mysterious ethos and if this first episode is anything to go by, in terms of judging of what happens next, then […]