Watch: Interview with Gold Derby about Star Trek: Picard

“My model with it was to blend the epic with the intimate, so to always bring you really cool, epic, cinematic shots, but to always remember that the character is the most important thing with this series.”

Newsweek: ‘Picard’ Is the First ‘Star Trek’ Series Launched By a Woman Director—Here’s How She Did It

The first three episodes of Star Trek: Picard are unlike any other introduction in Star Trek history…But it’s not just the story and the terrestrial setting that separates Star Trek: Picard from previous series set in the science-fiction galaxy. Picard is also the first time a Star Trek series premiere has been directed by a […]

The Motion Picture Association’s blog The Credits writes about my work on Picard

CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Picard…has been the most-watched original series to date for the streaming service. The first three episodes of the series were helmed by director Hanelle Culpepper.

Refinery29: How Women In Hollywood Are Dealing With Their Sets Being Shut Down

“We finished shooting day four of Kung Fu in Vancouver when everything shut down. That weekend, we were planning to do a big rehearsal for a cool action sequence that we were set to shoot on Monday. Now, I’m back in L.A. serving as a surrogate teacher to my two children and editing what we shot in […]

Forget Today Reviews Star Trek: Picard

Direction from Hanelle Culpepper was also a highlight, with the use of light and colour being especially refreshing.