‘Star Trek: Picard’ Emmy interviews: Patrick Stewart, showrunner Michael Chabon and more

Picard” is the first “Trek” series in decades to advance the story forward (as opposed to prequels that explore events that took place long before “The Next Generation”), and it has quite an awards legacy to live up to.

Forbes: Why “Strange New” Streaming Star Trek Keeps On Coming

Each CBS All Access series has now carved out its own independent timeframe (with seemingly little room for Marvel-style crossovers). Picard occupies the twenty-fourth century, and with Discovery disembarking for the thirty-second century, Strange New Worlds has the twenty-third to itself. Stylistically, director Hanelle Culpepper shot the Picard pilot in warm colors to contrast the bluer hues that dominate Discovery.

LA Times: Making inroads for women behind the scenes in television one step at a time

“Picard” director Hanelle M. Culpepper understands that mindset: “I’m prepared and have a story reason for any change I make. I try to knock it out of the park with any job I take, so I’m never the excuse someone uses not to hire a person of color or a woman as a director.”

AfroGist Media on my record-setting work on Star Trek: Picard

Hanelle Culpepper directs the upcoming Star Trek: Picard, a CBS All Access series coming up next year, Culpepper is an African American woman from Birmingham, Alabama. She has years of experience in action packed film production and directing, and she’s a recipient of many awards. Say what you want -‘inclusion and diversity’, ‘CBS game to appeal to broader audience’, or whatever in between. The point is, opportunity only meets those who are prepared, and Culpepper is.

WonderCon Virtual Panel: Supporting Female Fronted and Helmed Film and TV

I was excited to speak on this WonderCon virtual panel:

A talented collection of female filmmakers talks about the current and future release of their projects, as well as how advocacy groups like ReFrame, Glass Elevator, and Women in Film: LA are helping women working in the industry, to not only cope with an uncertain present, but change the landscape as it reforms, and thrive as productions begin anew.

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Need Stay-at-home Entertainment? Check Out My Pick for the AFI Movie Club

The American Film Institute’s AFI Movie Club has daily selections of favorite films new and old to watch during quarantine. Guests who have introduced AFI Movie Club film titles include: J.J. Abrams, Halle Berry, Jack Black, Hanelle Culpepper, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Cynthia Erivo, Jeff Goldblum, Hugh Grant, Morgan Freeman, Taylor Hackford, Neil Patrick Harris, Eva Longoria, Helen Mirren, Elisabeth Moss, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts, Alicia Silverstone and Sharon Stone.

Kung Fu Ordered To Series

Christina M. Kim will write and executive produce. Martin Gero will executive produce via Quinn’s House along with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter of Berlanti Productions. Hanelle Culpepper was to direct the pilot and will co-executive produce. Warner Bros. Television will produce.

R29: Meet The Hollywood Women Shaking Things Up Behind The Camera

Hanelle Culpepper…made history earlier this year for directing the first three episodes of Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access. It marks the first time a female director launched a new Star Trek series in the franchise’s 53-year history. She had just started production on The CW’s Kung Fu reboot, which she’s co-executive producing as well as directing, when the industry suddenly ground to a halt.

Refinery29 Presents: Below The Line — Meet The Hollywood Women Shaking Things Up Behind The Camera. Watch the first episode with Hanelle Culpepper here.

Lake Forest College Alumni Spotlight

“I knew that I wanted to work in the film industry when I was at Lake Forest College. I got a fellowship to get a PHD in Economics at the University of California, Riverside. While I was in that program, I decided that my heart was still in film and T.V., so I dropped out and switched to the University of Southern California. From there, it was a matter of working on various film projects. I worked in every position from P.A to producer to A.D to Grip so that I could learn, work my butt off and be ready for opportunities. Ultimately, it was while working at the Sundance Institute that I was really inspired by the filmmakers who were not waiting on Hollywood to give them a break. They were going out and making their movies and making it happen. I knew if I wanted to be a director, I had to start making movies. So, I stopped working full time and made my first short film. And things started opening up to me once I committed 100% to my true passion.”

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Indiewire: When Film and TV Production Starts Again, How Will the Crews Stay Safe?

When production does resume, people widely expect behavior to change. ‘I think everyone will return to work with a heightened attention to cleanliness,’ said Hanelle Culpepper, who directed three episodes of the recent ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ via email. ‘I would continue the standards we put in place in response to COVID-19 before the shutdown — elbow bumps instead of hugs (which is very hard for me because I’m a hugger); wrapping food individually at craft services; providing hand sanitizer stations throughout the set, and emphasizing that anyone who feels sick should stay home without any negative repercussions.’