Star Trek: Picard Ep 2 Review

“The mystery that began with last week’s excellent series premiere deepens in “Maps and Legends,” as Jean-Luc Picard begins to take matters into his own hands as he deals with the aftermath of Dahj’s death. Episode two proves to be an equally well-done outing for both Picard‘s production team and cast, further proving that this series is in capable hands.”

Den of Geek Star Trek: Picard Ep 2 Review

“If the premiere of Star Trek: Picard was focused on reintroducing us to Jean-Luc Picard, then the second episode is all about expanding that reintroduction to this rich world.”

European Premiere Review of Star Trek: Picard

It was very cool to see what the Star Trek: Picard European audience had to say!

“The writing team and creators have flipped the genre for a new generation, with an even more expansive, mysterious ethos and if this first episode is anything to go by, in terms of judging of what happens next, then we’re in for something sensational.”

Vulture recap of Star Trek: Picard

Excited to read what Vulture wrote about my Star Trek: Picard episodes:

“Then it’s time to say ‘Engage’ and head into Act Two of what’s so far been a satisfying revival of a character that’s stayed true to the source material while crafting a show with its own distinct, and timely, identity around a beloved protagonist. Anything could happen from here, but the end of this episode brings Picard’s launch phase to a successful conclusion.”

Kneel Before Blog review of Star Trek: Picard

Very pleased to read this 9/10 review of Star Trek: Picard.

Why Picard Is Exactly the Star Trek We Need Right Now

What an honor to be a part of crafting this latest chapter in Picard’s story as Executive Producer and Director of the first three episodes.

Breakthrough Player: The Trek to Star Status

Grateful to have been profiled in the DGA Quarterly Magazine where I talk about my path to Picard, and how I pivoted from a PhD in Economics to directing.

A-List Producers, Executives Pledge to Mentor Women Directors With ReFrame Rise

I am honored to be part of the ReFrame Rise initiative, started by Women in Film and Sundance Institute. Read more about the program and my role in this Variety article.

Picard Trailer Launch at Comic-Con

In front of an energized audience at Comic-Con, we released the new Star Trek: Picard trailer, which is full of reveals and surprises. Join the excitement over the new series and check out the buzzed-about trailer here!

NOS4A2 This Sunday

My episode “Sleigh House” airs this Sunday at 9/8C on AMC, as the first part of NOS4A2’s  Season One finale! AMC has released a sneak peek scene from the episode, which you can see here.