Picard Trailer Launch at Comic-Con

In front of an energized audience at Comic-Con, we released the new Star Trek: Picard trailer, which is full of reveals and surprises. Join the excitement over the new series and check out the buzzed-about trailer here!

NOS4A2 This Sunday

My episode “Sleigh House” airs this Sunday at 9/8C on AMC, as the first part of NOS4A2’s  Season One finale! AMC has released a sneak peek scene from the episode, which you can see here.

Honored by Variety

My profile is up on Variety as an honoree of this year’s Inclusion Impact Report.

The Red Angel takes flight on Star Trek

This Thursday, check out my “Red Angel” episode for Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access at 5:30 ET/9:30 PT. Watch the promo here!

Shout-Out from Shatner

Star Trek legend William Shatner sent me a heartfelt congratulations for my engagement on the new Picard series, and you can read it in this Daily Mail article!