Hanelle Culpepper featured on IndieWire’s list of episodic directors to know

Per IndieWire’s Jim Hemphill: “Even when working on shows that have an extremely codified style like “Criminal Minds,” Culpepper’s gifts stand out — at her best, she’s a visionary world-builder, but she’s also capable of infusing preexisting formulas with surprising flair.”

Hanelle Culpepper nominated for NAACP Image Award

Hanelle Culpepper received her third NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series for her work on the finale of Netflix’s True Story, ‘Like Cain Did Abel”.

Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn and Grace Saif join Amazon Studios’ adaptation of Anansi Boys

Gaiman, Sir Lenny Henry, Douglas Mackinnon, Hanelle M. Culpepper, Hilary Bevan Jones (Endor Productions), and Richard Fee (RED Production Company) are executive producers, with Gaiman and Henry co-writing and Gaiman and Mackinnon serving as co-showrunners. Culpepper will direct the pilot.

True Story’s Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes on Playing Siblings Who Come to Blows

…series creator and writer Eric Newman says the heated brawl was a manifestation of escalating tension and frustration. As a result, Newman adds that he, Snipes, Hart, and director Hanelle M. Culpepper did everything they could make the fight look as organic as possible.

True Story Recap: Chapter 1: The King of Comedy

One scene in particular highlights the single best piece of acting I have ever seen from Kevin Hart. The intensity and conviction of it truly blew me away. Hart showcased that he should be taken seriously as a dramatic actor.