Deadly Sibling Rivalry

deadlysiblingsSince childhood, identical twin sisters Janna and Callie have had an incredibly fierce rivalry, each trying to outshine the other and spewing bad blood in the process.

Janna is the responsible one — a single mom to daughter Fiona and a successful businesswoman — but her life is far less exciting than the stories in the travel/adventure magazine she owns and runs. Callie has lived the wild life — hopping from job to job and man to man and wandering around the world.

synopsisWhen the twins get into a car wreck, Janna walks away from the crash but Callie falls into a coma. The accident, and nearly losing her sister, gives Janna the will to change her life and live for the moment.

At first, Fiona loves the changes in her mom, but she is soon worried by her erratic behavior and begins to investigate the root of her sudden transformation. Is it being caused by the trauma or is it something far more sinister?