Den of Geek Star Trek: Picard Ep 2 Review

“If the premiere of Star Trek: Picard was focused on reintroducing us to Jean-Luc Picard, then the second episode is all about expanding that reintroduction to this rich world.”

European Premiere Review of Star Trek: Picard

It was very cool to see what the Star Trek: Picard European audience had to say! “The writing team and creators have flipped the genre for a new generation, with an even more expansive, mysterious ethos and if this first episode is anything to go by, in terms of judging of what happens next, then […]

Vulture recap of Star Trek: Picard

Excited to read what Vulture wrote about my Star Trek: Picard episodes: “Then it’s time to say ‘Engage’ and head into Act Two of what’s so far been a satisfying revival of a character that’s stayed true to the source material while crafting a show with its own distinct, and timely, identity around a beloved […]

Kneel Before Blog review of Star Trek: Picard

Very pleased to read this 9/10 review of Star Trek: Picard.

Why Picard Is Exactly the Star Trek We Need Right Now

What an honor to be a part of crafting this latest chapter in Picard’s story as Executive Producer and Director of the first three episodes.