The Flash, “Lose Yourself” (Episode 418) Reviews




The Flash  Season 4 Episode 18, “Lose Yourself,” is a fast-paced, action-packed installment… The final battle sequence at STAR Labs was amazing to watch.

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5/5 Stars

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…The sequence where Harry knocks over Cisco’s Star Trek USS Enterprise model (probably the most tragic scene of the episode if you’re a collector) is extremely well done, as well as when Joe first confronts Harry about the Cap…

…Things get interesting when Barry, Caitlin, and Ralph head over to a hippie gathering in search of Gauss. This show has a problem with delivering genuine comedy, but this sequence was definitely humorous. Caitlin’s response, “The folded man?” was hilarious, as was the general atmosphere of the sequence…

…The action in the second half is engaging, and with genuine emotion.

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…Stunningly good stuff, from start to finish…

…The Ralph/Barry fight is brilliantly handled… The Iris/Marlize fight is BIG Fun…

…Hanelle Culpepper has directed for The Flash on several previous occasions including the brilliant ‘King Shark’. She’s also directed for Star Trek: Discovery, Empire, Gotham and many more.

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…the episode did a great job of showing the non-powered members of Team Flash are still capable of dealing out some serious ass-kicking. In fact, perhaps tellingly, the Wests taking on the Mechanic and the Samuroid were some of the best fights we’ve had in quite a long time. Iris and Marlize’s confrontation was particularly fun to watch…

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Dramatic, action-packed, and heartbreaking… This was a powerful and heavy episode with two stand-out performances as well as the exit of the best character to be introduced to the series this season. Hartley Sawyer, who has added much needed humor into the show and has wonderful chemistry with Grant Gustin, delivered his strongest performance in this episode…

…Danielle Panabaker steals every scene she’s in episode 18… The scene where she looks at the post-it notes is truly touching.

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…there were some exciting fight sequences directed by Hanelle Culpepper…

…Joe takes on a Samurai with ease while still finding time to babysit an increasingly erratic Harry. These are the moments that really make “Lose Yourself” stand out, portraying the heroism of everyday people and the bonds that keep this team together even when they’re not fighting a great evil…

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