Six and the City

USA, 2003, Color, 10 minutes
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What was it like working with all those kids? Are you crazy?

Actually, I am a little crazy! But I love kids and the rule for everyone working on this movie is that they had to love kids. Surprisingly and pleasantly, the kids were true little professionals, more professional than some adults I’ve worked with. They had their lines down, and were eager to be there. Of course, they were kids, and were forever asking when their next break was. But being kids, you could often bribe them with cookies. I genuinely enjoyed working with them; it was easy and fun and I’d work with them all again in a heartbeat. And I must thank the parents who were flexible and attentive, and always there with a firm word if their child started to get out of hand.

Then what was your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge was cheating Los Angeles for New York, and specifically, Central Park. One is hard pressed to find an urban-looking park that does not have palm trees or views of low-level stucco apartment buildings. The most difficult place was the park in Palos Verdes where we shot all the soccer footage. Literally, this park had a 300 degree view of the Pacific Ocean! And then it had another 50 degree view of beautiful red rock hills. We were literally stuck with this tiny piece to use. Why did we shoot there? Well, the park was free and the soccer team and coach were all volunteers – and they all lived in Palos Verdes. We weren’t going to quibble over the view.