Six and the City

If men are from Mars, where are boys from?

It’s another day in the city – their city, that is – the playground. Carrie has a problem. Small wants her to kiss him. For advice she turns to the expert on the matter, Samantha. But Samantha has a problem of her own. Her regular seesaw partner has started playing with another girl, and Samantha wants to show him a lesson. Meanwhile, Miranda is trying to make her mark on the boys’ soccer team. But it’s hard to do when your only available teammate is Charlotte – who doesn’t want to discuss boys, much less get her dress dirty.

While Samantha solves her problem with jalapeños, Carrie practices her skill, but decides, like her older counterpart, to take control of her own destiny instead of doing what a boy wants. And Charlotte finally gets a bit dirty, while Miranda learns that hanging out with girls isn’t so bad after all.