The Wedding Dress

Audience Award The Screening Room Film Series (Indianapolis, IN)
Category Winner Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame (Oakland, CA)


A quiet meditation on love and commitment. Attractive actors, good acting and the simple story work well together.
Bonnie Britton, The Indianapolis Star

One standout [at the Pan African Film Festival] was Hanelle Culpepper’s The Wedding Dress. This short lends itself to simple dialogue held in small quarters with honest portrayals from the actors.
Ben Rose, The Indy Outlook

Hanelle M. Culpepper’s tale of a slacker trying real hard to get it right is expertly structured and snappily dialogued. Anil Raman displays great comic range as he desperately tries to navigate around a slacker’s worst nightmares: responsibilty and commitment. Culpepper’s direction jumps around between images, space and time for maximum hilarity.
Paul F.P. Pogue, Nuvo