The Wedding Dress

Perception vs. reality. The ability to freeze the truth with a snapshot. This is Toni’s world. With one click of the camera, she’s captured her boyfriend Warren’s true secret — the carefree bachelor life is a lonely one. But when will he realize this? A mysterious wedding dress hidden in her closet leads Warren on a journey to take his own look in the mirror, and discover his own reality.

Easygoing and carefree, Warren has one attitude towards “commitment” – avoid it, especially careers and women. And there have been women. His mother named him after Warren Beatty, so Warren figures he has a reputation to uphold.

His current girlfriend is Toni, an intriguing photographer who accepts him as he is. With previous girlfriends, there always came a time when there was the dreaded “exchange of keys” or the pressure-packed “meet my parents”. But with Toni, there was none of that hassle. Just the way the proud bachelor liked it…

One typical Monday morning, Toni rushes off in a frenzy of activity to yet another busy day. Meanwhile, Warren, while lounging over a late morning breakfast, notices something that sends him into a frenzy of his own. The calendar indicates that Friday is Toni’s birthday – the “big 3-0”.

While frantically searching for clues to help him pick a gift, Warren discovers something that sends him into even more of a panic – a fancy white wedding dress in Toni’s closet. Just what does this mean for their relationship?

A week of freaking out sends Warren back and forth to the local bar to seek advice from a most trusted confidant – Bob, the middle-aged, beer-swilling bachelor idol to all the single guys. But it quickly becomes painfully obvious that Bob’s bachelor life is not the dream life.

Then, when Warren discovers a slide of himself among Toni’s photo series – a series featuring lonely people – he’s forced to examine his lack of true commitment to their relationship. Warren responds in the way he knows best – humor and charm, but even he knows that may not be enough anymore.

The next day, Warren spends some time thinking — the wedding dress, Bob’s life, the lonely people. And he still needs to figure out a birthday present for Toni. Pondering his way through the park, Warren stumbles across a bright patch of daisies in the midst of ruins. The answer is clear.

Back at Toni’s apartment the night of her birthday, Warren lights a room full of candles and creates a special arrangement of daisies. Toni arrives home with her friend Caryn in tow to find a romantically underdressed Warren and a message of flowers which reads “marry me”. Toni is shocked, and Caryn tries to make a hasty exit from the private moment – but not before she grabs her wedding dress out of Toni’s closet.

Even after realizing the wedding dress wasn’t Toni’s, Warren declares his love and desire to spend the rest of his life with Toni.

After all, even Warren Beatty got married.